25 Smart Ideas to Make Your Home Sell Faster!

Since a home is such an emotional purchase, people often buy on feelings. Regardless of your location and price, if something about your home feels wrong, they’ll look elsewhere. The secret is looking at your home with an objective eye to find the little glitches that need fixing. With the help of your agent and some honest friends, you can survey your home to see where modest improvements can make it more inviting and marketable.

People begin to judge your home the moment they drive up. First impressions are important.

Make your front lawn shine

Make a favorable first impression. Cut the grass, trim the shrubs, rake the leaves, clean out the beds, and add fresh mulch if necessary.

Plant some extra flowers

Tasteful plantings add colorful interest to the exterior. Place some flower pots beside the front door, and perhaps some hanging pots.

Make your front door a WOW

Your front door is the first thing buyers will notice. Clean it, paint it, or stain it. While you're at it, do the same with your garage & back door.

Replace faded house numbers

If your house numbers are not readily visible from the street, or look old and faded, replace them with shiny new ones.

Clean out your rain gutters

Get rid of all the gunk and debris, and be sure they are properly draining. Touch up with paint and realign if necessary.

Inspect the roof

Repair or replace any damaged shingles or flashing. Clean off debris and have your roof professionally cleaned if necessary.

Clean out the garage

Get rid of items you don't want or need, clean and organize the walls and shelving, and make ample space for the car(s).

Do your 'Spring cleaning'

No matter the season, clean, clean, clean! Clean houses sell a lot faster and easier than dirty ones . . . and usually for more money.

Install brighter light bulbs

High-intensity bulbs are an inexpensive way to make rooms seem warmer & brighter. Buyers will react positively to the friendly glow.

Brighten things with fresh paint

Interior painting costs very little and makes a big difference. Choose white, off-white or neutral colors for the best buyer appeal.

Remove clutter & excess items

Too much clutter and too much furniture makes your home feel cramped. Remove excess furniture to make rooms seem larger.

Clean out all closets

Make your closets seem larger by packing up out-of-season clothes and items you won't need until you move. Closets should be 1/2 to 3/4 full.

Clean the tub, toilet & sink

Bathrooms must be spotless, and all toiletries and personal items should be neatly stored away in cabinets or closets.

Dirty carpeting? Have it cleaned

If the carpeting is worn, consider replacement. Talk to your agent about competing listings to help you decide what is best.

Clear off the kitchen counters

Make your counters look as expansive as possible by removing small appliances, dish racks, and other unnecessary items.

Thoroughly clean all appliances

The oven, dishwasher, microwave and range should be spotless, and all stainless and chrome should be polished.

Dress the kitchen with flowers

Before leaving the kitchen, reward yourself and prospective buyers by putting out a plant or fresh flowers on the counter.

Replace your shower curtain

If your shower curtain looks a little worse for wear, buy yourself a new one. Put out fresh towels when the house is to be shown.

Fix leaky faucets

A leaky faucet will leave a bad impression with buyers. Be sure all faucets work properly, and repair any water stains from previous leakage.

Make yourself scarce

Many buyers feel like intruders when the owners are present. They tend to hurry away or fail to ask questions they’d like to ask.

Let the agent do the talking

If you can't leave for a showing, avoid conversations with the buyers. The agent has the skills to show them how your home meets their needs.

Always be prepared to show

Your agent will try to give you as much advance notice as possible. Be as flexible as possible so as not to limit showings.

Don't show to strangers

Get their name and number and give it to your agent. Don’t waste time showing to someone who isn’t qualified or, worse yet, is a potential burglar.

Purchase a home warranty

Here’s a way to give your home added value without adding a lot of expense, providing the buyer with 1 year of protection on major elements.

And most important . . .

Confer with your agent on a regular basis regarding pricing strategy. A major reason homes remain unsold is price relative to market conditions.

When it’s time for your agent to show your home, all the preparations will be worth it!

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